Bringing Value to Reshoring Efforts

As the leader in the industry, CEW was approached to manufacture a wheel in NA that was currently being made in Asia as OEM was reshoring full unit production to meet demands of the market. Once designs were shared on current product, CEW immediately went to work.

We quoted them exactly what they were making currently, but at the same time showed them what our decades of experience could provide for this exact application. We provide updated designs that kept the looks exactly as the customer had currently, but reduced overall cost by ~15% by application of our experience. Not only did we meet the requirements of “duplicating” their Asian part, we added value by improving design to maintain all performance needs but to reduce overall cost. We did this by providing product locally vs. other Asian supply options, providing full design review and validation for application.

The customer eagerly accepted our design changes after we provide the performance validation and tooling was launched. This product will go into production in NA in Fall of 2023.

By choosing CEW, not only did the customer gain cost savings but also lead time reduction, lower inventory levels, performance validation, and improved overall quality; much of which CEW has developed over time with our experience with virtually every OEM in the space.


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