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Things to Consider when Looking for Walk Behind Lawn Mower Wheels

May 12, 2016

Lawn and Garden Wheel

Understanding the technical details of your walk behind lawn mower wheels will help you determine which wheel suits your specific purposes. This knowledge also comes in handy when replacing the wheels of old lawn mowers. In this blog, we will list out what you should be looking for in a wheel when it comes to sourcing a new wheel or finding a replacement wheel.

Understanding Wheel Tread & Bore Options of Walk Behind Lawn Mower Wheels

The outermost part of the tire that comes in contact with the lawn is called the tread. Walk behind lawn mower wheels almost always have some kind of tread which is designed to optimize functionality and improved or differentiate aesthetics.

The wheel tread improves functionality and enhances stability to the application by providing the right amount of traction. The tread is designed to allow water to seep through easily underneath the tire. It also reduces any noise occurring between the wheel and surface. CEW walk behind lawn mower wheels are designed to ensure durability, stability, and ease of use.

Walk behind mower wheel tread can help facilitate overall design and branding as well. The options are endless when talking about tread designs and patterns.  CEW’s engineers can help you determine if an existing tread design is adequate or if a custom tread pattern is needed. 

Attention should also be paid to more importance aspects like bore configurations. The wheel bore is the center of the wheel hub where the axle attaches.  Walk behind mowers typically include both idle and drive wheels.  The idle wheel is normally located in the rear and is free spinning while the drive wheel is typically in the front and includes some kind of gears.  Mold in gears or attached (heat staked or bolted on) are the most common drive wheel styles. 

The use of ball bearings makes rolling easier. In some cases, a powdered metal sleeve can replace a ball bearing, reduce costs, and achieve similar characteristics. The easier the wheel rolls, the less effort the user must expel to operate.  Standard thru bore configurations can also be sufficient in certain circumstances.   

Importance of Wheel Sizes :

Large rear wheels can be used to make a walk behind mower easier to maneuver. Typical rear wheel sizes can range from 7″ to 12″, and typical front wheel size ranges between 6″ to 9″.  The most common bore diameters sized are 3/8”, 1/2”, and 5/8”.  Typical push mower tread widths are 1.5″, 1.75″, and 2″ wide.

Buying Lawn Mower Wheels: Choose the Right Configuration

Depending on your budget and the result you are looking for, we can help you choose the right standard wheel. We can also help you design a custom lawn mower wheel to meet your individual unique needs. Please feel free to get in touch with one of our experts to discuss your requirements today.


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