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GIE+EXPO - 50% Off Admission with Special registration Link

Oct 02, 2017

The Green Industry & Equipment Expo has created a special registration link for Custom Engineered Wheels and our customers/potential customers, giving 50% off GIE+EXPO tradeshow admission. Click the following link to receive 50% off admission into the GIE+EXPO! Read More

Michelin Reveals Another Airless Wheel/Tire Concept, But This One Is Biodegradable and 3D Printed

Aug 19, 2017

While gamers are losing their minds at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles this week, Movin’On—formerly known as the Michelin Challenge Bibendum—is going down in Montreal. The global summit explores topics of sustainability, mobility, and how to effectively and efficiently blend the two. It was the perfect and obvious place for Michelin to unveil its new tire concept, the Vision, an airless, spongelike 3D-printed dream that Michelin claimed is “within reach.” Movin’On focuses on six central themes: changes in passenger and goods transport, energy efficiency and safety, digital technology and artificial intelligence, financial and regulatory tools, the circular economy,... Read More

Sports Wheelchairs Get a Makeover with CEW’s Maintenance-free X-CORE® 6 Spoke Wheel

Aug 17, 2017

CEW has developed special wheels that attend to the needs of differently abled students. Known as the X-CORE® 6-Spoke Wheel, it has been developed for every day wheelchair users as well as some sport applications, like basketball wheelchairs. These wheels are manufactured using a process called Lostcore Molding, a unique process developed by CEW that make the best composite wheelchair wheels in the market. This process utilizes several composite materials like carbon fiber and Prime glass filled nylons, high strength materials that manufacture these wheels into a single piece without any screws, nuts, or bolts. This makes the X-Core® Wheels... Read More

CEW Creates One-of-a-Kind Wheel Assembly for New Motivo Tour Walker

Aug 17, 2017
Motivo Tour Walker Wheels

CEW has extended the benefits of its Polyurethane and Injection Molding capabilities to many products and custom wheel assembly offerings. They have incorporated this technology in Motivo’s Tour Walkers as well. The wheel assemblies manufactured by CEW have been custom built according to the unique requirements of Motivo’s Tour Walkers. Developed with the help of the Polyurethane and Injection Molding process, the 8×1 wheel assembly features a very light, easy to roll, long lasting and “0" maintenance.  The microcellular polyurethane tire is manufactured using centrifugal casting. This wheel assembly is designed to provide support and stability when walking. It is a... Read More

Custom Engineered Wheels Launches New Website

Aug 17, 2017

  Custom Engineered Wheels Launches New Website Warsaw, IN – Custom Engineered Wheels is pleased to announce it has launched,a newly redesigned website on March 3rd, 2016. The new website provides our potential and existing customers with a detailed overview of our standard products, custom capabilities, and services offered. Our goals with the website upgrade included updated responsive design for mobile device compatibility, easier navigation, and improved access to pertinent information enabling engineers and procurement professionals among others to find what they need quickly. The website is our tool focusing on establishing a closer relationship with our existing and... Read More

Meet Us at the 71st National Hardware Show at Las Vegas (May 6, 2016)

Aug 17, 2017
National Hardware Show

Custom Engineered Wheels will be participating in the 71st National Hardware Show in Las Vegas. With over 2700 exhibitors, this trade event caters to the needs of a wide variety of industries. Large-scale organizations, small companies, vendors, and individuals can all benefit from new product unveilings, networking opportunities, competitive prices, etc. CEW is poised to introduce some exciting products at this event. With several patented products and technologies to our name, we are looking forward to sharing products that will help in providing support to industries like Outdoor Power Equipment, Lawn and Garden, Lightweight Material Handling, Commercial, Industrial, Marine, Medical,... Read More

Custom Engineered Wheels Has Completed an Acquisition of Skyway Machine Inc.

Aug 17, 2017

Warsaw, IN – Custom Engineered Wheels, a leading provider of custom composite wheel solutions, injection molding, and polyurethane tires, today announced that they are acquiring the assets of Skyway Machine Inc a composite wheel company specializing in composite TuffWheels®, to enhance its broad range of composite wheel offerings. “This new partnership assures that the love and passion that has gone into growing Skyway TuffWheels® into a world-class brand will only continue to get stronger. We are very excited for what the future holds as CEW continues with Skyway’s legacy of quality, dependable, composite wheel solutions and products.” Skyway President Ken... Read More

Global Automotive Tire and Wheel Market Size, Sales, Share, Growth Analysis, Trends and Forecast 2021

Aug 17, 2017

Automotive Tire and Wheel market report provides situations, predictions & in-depth information about Tire and Wheel industry with definition, classification, application, industry chain structure, industry overview; international market analysis. Automotive Tire and Wheel market report explores sales (consumption) of Automotive Tire and Wheel market, focuses on the top players, with sales, price, revenue and market share with volume and value for each region. The Automotive Tire and Wheel market analysis speaks about the manufacturing process. Automotive Tire and Wheel market report analyses the market growth, Market trends, market overview & market forecast. The process of Tire and Wheel Industry is... Read More

Carbon-fiber composite wheelchair casters function like airplane landing gear

Aug 15, 2017

Great ideas come to people in unsuspecting ways. In 1997, Mark Chelgren had a chance encounter with a quadriplegic rugby team. A late night discussion about their wheelchairs led him to develop an alternative to the traditional rigid casters used for the front wheels, and Frog Legs Inc. was born.The Ottumwa, Iowa–based company specializes in precision built, impact-absorbing products for wheelchair suspensions. Recently, Chelgren decided he wanted to switch from machined aluminum to a carbon-fiber composite for the new generation of wheelchair caster wheels. PlastiComp Inc. of Winona, MN, was just the right partner, not only for the carbon-fiber-composite materials... Read More

How It Works: Airless tires

Aug 12, 2017

Although tires are what you see, your vehicle is actually riding on the air inside of them. That air supports the tire, keeps it on the rim, and cushions the ride.Of course, if air goes in, it can also come out. That’s most obvious when something like a nail penetrates the tire and causes a flat, but tires are naturally porous and gradually lose a bit of air over time. Even if tires don’t look low, you should check their pressure once a month or so. A low tire will use more fuel, and can wear unevenly and need replacing... Read More


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