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A wheelchair that can climb STAIRS could hit the market by the end of next year

April 22, 2017

A revolutionary new wheelchair which will allow users to safely climb staircases could soon hit the market.The Scewo chair uses rubber tracks to navigate staircases, and the tracks' rigid base means the chair is stable even on spiral stair cases.The designers behind the chair believe that they will have a version that can be mass marketed by the end of 2018.The project was started by five masters students from two...

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Global Polyurethane Wheels Market 2017

April 20, 2017

Worldwide Polyurethane Wheels Market 2017 Research report is an in-depth analysis of 2017 global Polyurethane Wheels market on the current state.First of all, the report (2017 Polyurethane Wheels Market) provides a basic overview of the Polyurethane Wheels industry 2017 including – definitions, classifications, Polyurethane Wheels market by applications and Polyurethane Wheels industry chain structure. The 2017’s report on Polyurethane Wheels Industry analysis is provided for the international Polyurethane Wheels market...

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Safety concerns behind running festival guidelines, organisers say

April 18, 2017

A peak wheelchair sports body has backed safety guidelines that prevented a man from entering the Australian Running Festival's elite category.But Paralympian silver medallist wheelchair rugby player Gary Croker says he was unfairly barred from the half marathon event and that organisers had discriminated against him.Wheelchair Sports NSW manager of sports, programs and events Kathleen Nicholls said the race guidelines were appropriate for the safety of entrants with disabilities and...

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Tough start for Wheel Blacks against world number one

April 13, 2017

The Wheel Blacks had a tough start to their five-test international wheelchair rugby series after being thumped 53-40 by world number one Australia in Christchurch.Initial nerves form the home side on Friday meant the Australians were able to get a 10-point lead by halftime, 26-16 and the Wheel Blacks were never able to come back from it.The Wheel Blacks did not struggle physically, however let themselves down with Nat Manville,...

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Add Style to Your Office with These Rollerblade Wheel Casters

April 11, 2017

There aren’t a lot of ways you can make your work cubicle pop, or even look comfortable. You want to do something to make your work space your own, but how? Your walls are gray, your desktop computer, that only has Minesweeper doesn’t add any color, and even the top of your desk is an ugly beige. You don’t want to go crazy but just add a little pop.What about...

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This paralyzed Canadian child moves on homemade wheelchair, courage doesn’t have an age really!

March 23, 2017

Evelyn Moore is 13-months old, paralyzed toddler who skilfully wheels her homemade wheelchair in an indoor playground in northeast Edmonton, which she often visits with her mother, Kim Moore. Where other kids of her age, play around with tri-cycles, Evelyn moves around in the homemade wheelchair. She slowly figured out her way around the wheel chair, just like other kids take time and learn to crawl. The whiz kidKim put...

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Caster Wheel Guide – Introducing The Ultimate Guide To Choosing A Caster Wheel

March 21, 2017
Hand Truck Wheel

Offering general information about caster wheels as well as detailed product reviews, Caster Wheel Guide serves as an online resource guide for those looking to get the best use out of their caster wheels. Aiming to become the largest resource online for caster wheels, the site provides a plethora of information and guidance on finding and maintaining durable and smooth wheels for everyday use.Caster wheels may be found in a...

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MIT’s New Wheelchair Drives Itself

March 16, 2017

FOR ALL THE talk of self-driving vehicles revolutionizing transportation, the technology promises to do even more for the elderly and disabled by allowing them to enjoy sustained independence. Autonomous vehicles will allow aging Baby Boomers to continue driving, and MIT researchers have packed the same hardware into a wheelchair.“I see the technology as impacting anybody who is confined in their motions,” says MIT researcher Daniela Rus, who started on this...

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How To Remove Caster Wheels

March 14, 2017

Casters wheels can significantly improve the functionality of office chairs. However, with time, these wheels are prone to wear down, resulting in uneven rolling. While individuals may be compelled to replace the entire chair, removing and replacing the caster wheels will hardly take a few minutes of your time.Some casters are secured without a fastener and can be easily removed if you pull hard enough. However, in some instances, you...

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OTTO-mated Material Handling

March 9, 2017

In an industrial environment, as material moves throughout a warehouse, it’s generally transformed. After parts come in on skids, they can be unloaded, broken down to smaller sizes, placed into kits, built back up, wrapped, and then shipped back out. Often, these tasks are dull, dirty or dangerous, causing bottlenecks in the material transport process and hindering a company from maintaining an effective workflow.Enter Clearpath. Best known for its research...

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