Custom Solutions for Wheels & Tires with The Use of Advanced Technology

Custom Engineered Wheels, Inc. is a leading custom wheel manufacturer in USA. We provide customized wheelchair wheels in thermoplastic, composite, polyurethane, non-pneumatic, and pneumatic types. Our exceptional production and engineering capabilities ensure high quality customized wheels, quick turnaround time, and reasonable prices for all manufacturing orders. We have been providing custom wheel solutions to our ever-growing client base. Our clients value the attention given to safety, timeliness, and transparency. Hence, CEW is the most sought-after manufacturer of wheels with customized designs.

Our Custom Solutions

CEW is the kind of wheel manufacturer that takes on every challenge as an opportunity to create something exceptional. We offer the following custom solutions:

Product Range at Custom Engineered Wheels, Inc.
The product range at CEW has a vast amount of applications. Each product is designed and manufactured with utmost attention to quality and safety. Listed below are some of our products:

Standard Tires
Shox Tires
Rear Tires
Foam Fills
Manual Caster Assemblies
Power Caster Assemblies
Horse Racing Wheels

Materials & Technology Used at Custom Engineered Wheels, Inc.

The name Custom Engineered Wheels, Inc. has been synonymous with innovation. As the foremost custom plastic wheel manufacturer, we also provide custom injection molding, blow molding and extruded thermoplastic solutions. We utilize all kinds of thermoplastic materials like PE, PP, PVC, FPVC, ABS, acrylic & polycarbonate in our production environment. We also utilize advanced developments like using carbon-composite material when manufacturing durable and lightweight wheel solutions.

We are adept at creating wheels for mobility products that are used in wheelchairs as well as for sporting equipment like those used in bicycles. Our custom solutions provide our clients with the freedom to experiment along with the assurance that comes from being backed by a proficient team of engineers and designers.

CEW is dedicated to providing exceptional products supported by a stringent ISO 9001:2008 certified quality system. With three factories located strategically in America and Mexico, we are able to provide our customers with faster deliveries and lower prices. We are the preferred tire manufacturer due to our diligent service and exceptional client relations.

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